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ChocoLand 🍫 Chocolate Chef - Idle Cash Clicker का विवरण

Are you a chocoholic and ever wished to build your own chocolate business!? Take a trip to the delicious world of Chocoland in an entertaining clicker adventure full of yummy sweets, chocolates and candy bars!

You are the owner of a little chocolates shop who dreams of a big chocolate empire: Choco Land. If you want your chocolate company reaches the confectionery sky, start tapping right now in this business management game full of icing and chocolates! Start earning cash now!

This is business management and incremental game though you know that you will need patience with your factory investments and engagement to run your chocolate shop in this incremental idle adventure. Every single coin matters so do not waste your cash!

Only the eager ones will be able to upgrade their chocolate shop and earn money. Test your business management skills with your chocolate factory! Start manufacturing all kind of chocolate: white chocolate, milk chocolate or pralines! All the cash obtained will fill your piggy bank in this candy and choco clicker!

Choco Land is a clicker adventure filled with chocolates. Ask your family about their favorite chocolate flavors. Tell your icing and chocolate chef to prepare them and start selling your manufacture to the real chocolate lovers in this business management game! Become a clicker tycoon selling icing, filling or dark chocolate in every candy store! You will manufacture a famous chocolate bar all over the world if you are able to master the chocolatier business management and the sweet shop company of this cash clicker.

Choco Land is a delicious adventure for kids: get more money to unlock upgrades and find new and mysterious features which will pop up while you are playing and win extra points by clicking! You will need to deal with lots of entertaining chocolate stuff and it will get harder and harder as soon as you reach the next level of the business managment adventure: This is one of the most comprehensive clicker games of the market! Make your chocolate shops with different type of candies and grow as much as you can in this clicker! Become a clicker tycoon and get rich building your own chocolate shop empire in the best incremental idle clicker adventure.


This funny idle and clicker game is very intuitive to play. Click on the chocolates to get more money and cash to unlock new features that will help you to manufacture more chocolates, get more money and a better score on this clicker game.

Play as factory manager or chef and run the chocolaterie of your dreams in this business management adventure! Start now your own store full of chocolates and earn a lot of cash!

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Good luck with these chocolates!

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